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nsumer▓s will be able to find information about the duck, including its place of origin, how it was reared▓, what it was fed, its environment, i

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nformation on immunizat▓ion and the store that the duck was sold at. If a problem occurs, the person responsible will be found according to the

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original records.Quanjude explained on July 22 that after August 8, consumers can input the unique barcode of any duck into computers at an

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y outlet or go to Beijing Food Safety Administration websi▓te to search for the information.Quanjude also sa▓id that they are still studying to se

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e if this information-tracking service will be rolled out to all its outlets in China. Translated by LOTO-- Up first, lame duck LDP. De

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feat in local Tokyo elections▓ is the latest blow to Japanese Prime Minis▓ter Taro Aso and his ruling party.Da Dong Peking Roast Duck restaurant

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recently held a banquet to showcase its bold, creative new dishes. A team of chefs▓ combined tasty Chinese food with innovative Western presen

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tation and molecular gastronomy tricks. B▓ean curd with Chinese fragrant toon, and sweet pork ribs "at snowy river" were pleasant appetizers. A

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